Hansel and Grendel, Chapter Twenty-two

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It’s Not Grave Robbing If You Only Steal the Flowers

The cemetery was surprisingly well-tended. There were a lot of Crowley names on the headstones, and the weeds were confined to the bordering field. Little vases on most of the graves held artificial flowers, pinwheels, and other memorials. A light breeze spun some of the little pinwheels slowly, cooling the late fall sunshine. Hansel started down a row of graves from the early 1900s, reading the names aloud. He realized the monster wasn’t paying attention.

Grendel was a few rows away, grabbing the artificial flowers out of the vases and stuffing them in his pack.

“Oh my god, what are you doing?” Hansel yelped. With no one to remind him about his language, he was sliding toward perdition and frankly did not care.

“Look at these!” Grendel held out some bright pink forget-me-nots with glittery edges. “They’re amazing. Imagine these…

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Hansel and Grendel, Chapter Twenty-one

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A Little Less Conversation, A Little Putrefaction, Please

“I still think you should have pushed her in the stove.” Grendel wasn’t over it.

“Well, I’m not here to meet your every expectation,” Hansel grumbled.

“Just the opposite,” Grendel grumbled back.

The monster was still limping very slightly, but he wasn’t singing about Nantucket anymore.

The forest cooled as night approached. Hansel sincerely hoped they’d get to Aunt Linda’s before the season turned to constant rain. Looking through Grendel’s pack for dinner didn’t make him feel any more excited to be on the trail for weeks. There were some new apples Grendel had foraged, but Hansel really wanted pizza or a hamburger, neither of which were squashed in the bottom of the pack.

The fire took the chill out of the night.

Grendel poked his own foot. “My toe seems better, what did she do?”

“She took the bullet out and…

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Hansel and Grendel, Chapter Twenty

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Hansel Turns Out to Have a Very Particular Set of Skills

Baba G screamed and rushed toward the doorway. Hansel rushed out of it, flinging the still hot and dripping pan at her. While she ducked, Hansel put Grendel between them.

The monster was not 100%. He was still very out of it from whatever potions the witch had given him, and more than slightly drunk. He took a large bite of the door cookie and flung the rest into the woods.

“Your cookies taste like cardboard!” the monster roared.

“You smell like a sick dog!” the witch screeched back. She was holding her hands in claws, muttering a spell under her breath. A cloud of green shining particles coalesced in her palm, swirling like a little tornado.

Grendel roared for real, an earth-shaking howl. As the witch raised her ball of green death to see how fast hairy monsters…

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