On Seizing Opportunities: Hansel and Grendel Moving to Kindle Vella

Story McStoryface

Well, this is awkward. As I was writing and publishing Hansel and Grendel, the fine folks at that big river namesake company were developing a platform dedicated to delivering serial fiction–JUST LIKE HANSEL AND GRENDEL. I wish they’d checked with me on the timing, but maybe they lost my e-mail address. Hahaha…they have my e-mail. All my other information, too.

Anyway, the GREAT news is that Hansel and Grendel has been officially picked up and will be live on the platform when it launches in July. From what I’m hearing, there’s going to be something for everyone on Vella. Vella will be available as an iOS app and through the Amazon website.

The other GOOD news (for me, as a creator), is that after the first few episodes, people will use “tokens” to unlock further episodes–meaning there’s an easy way to make a little scratch from my work. The other…

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