Now Available on Kindle Vella: Hansel and Grendel, Chapter Twenty-five

Story McStoryface

“Chapter Twenty-five: Still Not Zombies, But Understandable Mistake” is live on Kindle Vella.

In fact, ALL of Hansel and Grendel is now available on Kindle Vella! You can access it here. The really good news is that you can start at whatever episode you left off with, so if you’re all caught up, you can go straight to Chapter 25. The other REALLY good news is that your first 200 Tokens are free. Since Hansel and Grendel runs an average of 10ish Tokens per episode, you can get quite a ways further in the story without spending a dime.

How does Kindle Vella work? Well, you can read either on the website or iOS Kindle app. Search for “Hansel and Grendel” or click the link above and you’ll see the story. The first three episodes of every story are free, and each following episode is unlocked using Tokens…

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