Now Available on Kindle Vella: Hansel and Grendel, Chapters Twenty-six and Twenty-seven

Story McStoryface

“Chapter Twenty-six: Some Real Ups and Downs in This One” and Chapter Twenty-seven: Climb Almost Ev’ry Mountain” are live on Kindle Vella.

In fact, ALL of Hansel and Grendel is now available on Kindle Vella! You can access it here.

How does Kindle Vella work? Well, you can read either on the website or iOS Kindle app. Search for “Hansel and Grendel” or click the link above and you’ll see the story. The first three episodes of every story are free, and each following episode is unlocked using Tokens. The number of Tokens depends on the length of the episode, and roughly works out to 1 Token per 100 words. Tokens are pretty reasonable–a story like Hansel and Grendel will run between $8-10 in its entirety.

Because Vella is a pay-to-play service, I have also spent some time adding an Author’s Note to every single episode. Those will…

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