My Fancy Color Didn’t Work Out


Never ask a creative
What color you should paint.
The answer will always be
Some color that it ain’t.

You should ask a farm kid.
They’ll say, “Get the leftover stain.”
They’ll get a roller and use it up
And the rail looks nice again.

I’m working on getting that second-story deck rail finished, a year after I started it. I could blame it on the rain, but you’d probably cry fake–mostly the problem is that it’s way more work to “frame my vista in a buttery vanilla color” than it would have been to “slap some stain on the fence that keeps the kids from falling off the deck.” Regrets, I have them. I also have an ugly half-finished deck rail. Not what I had imagined.

5 thoughts on “My Fancy Color Didn’t Work Out

  1. I would never tell the truth on the internet and WordPress poetry even less. Glad that someone does. BTW, diagonal streaks of indigo and sunset orange is always good :).

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