Lewis Carroll was left-handed.
His whimsy it helps to explain.
While I write with the north paw,
I seem to have a left-handed brain.

Note: I am particularly attracted to the left-handed. There were and are a lot of lefties in my family, and now I have a husband and son who favor their lefts. I find the different places they go on their trains of thought delightful. In The Tiny Giant, the novel I’m getting ready to send to the world, Dan is left-handed, and it’s key to his position in the story.  Lewis Carroll has a bit part in the story about 2/3 of the way through, and his handedness was his ticket in.  Lefties, I will always make room at the table for you, just…wait, don’t sit there, because then we’ll have to play dueling elbows…there.

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